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In the bedroom, he begins to make love to her in the way that he knows she likes best. Usually wives have told their husbands over and over what they like, but bored (i.e., angry) husbands usually do not listen, since their wives’ sexual preferences sound like more complaints or demands.

All except the most hardened and resistant wives will respond to such an evening. While the way to a man’s heart may be through his genitals, the way to a woman’s heart is through her head. Catering to her wishes, listening to her, and taking her seriously (even when she is being demanding) are what generally serve to seduce her. By the end of the evening, she will have been drawn out of her defensive posture of complaining, resisting, or being “too busy.” Her sexual passion will be revived, along with the beginnings of a new tenderness. In playing out this game, the husband will also have to relinquish his defensive posture of boredom or irritation—and his passion will also be rekindled.

Once they have revived their sexual passion and formed a new erotic bond, the couple will feel more secure about revealing their honest feelings about one another. The husband may now say, “You know, I was afraid to tell you before that I feel really irritated and shut out by your complaining and your distractedness [etc.].” “And I feel upset that you never listen to me and are always watching football,” the wife may say.

This game may be repeated as needed—if not in deed then in spirit. It should serve to shake things up and cause the couple to begin to look at themselves in a new way. They may also try the other games in this and other sections, as applicable.


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