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Timing is all-important here, as birthdays, Christmas, weddings, family get-togethers and holidays cause immense problems. Ideally, you should plan things so that the diet falls in a quiet period, or postpone celebrations until afterwards. This does not matter quite so much during Stage 1 of the diet, when you can break the rules for one or two meals, if you have to. However, you should keep off alcohol, tea and coffee, and not overdo sugar. During Stages 2 and 3 you cannot do this – any departure from the diet will confuse the result.

Obviously you cannot abandon all social life during these diets, so you have to be flexible. If you are asked out to lunch or dinner, it is not that difficult to take your own food, and you get over the embarrassment fairly quickly. For picnics and days out, cook the foods that you are allowed and take them in plastic boxes. Packed lunches for work, or when travelling, can be prepared in the same way. If you are doing the diet during the winter months, and want hot food, buy a wide-necked thermos flask – they are very useful and not expensive. As an alternative to tea and coffee, take herb tea in a thermos flask or carry some herb teabags – people serving in cafes and restaurants will usually give you some plain hot water if you ask for it, and watching their puzzled expressions can be quite entertaining.


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