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Pamper and treat yourself to a nourishing luxurious aromatic bath. Evoke a vision of Cleopatra lolling seductively in her swan-shaped tub! Nourishing milk bath: spirulina powder 1-2 tsp., fresh milk 1-2 cups, sandalwood essential oil 5 drops

Soothing oatmeal bath: oatmeal fine 1/2 cup, spirulina powder 1-2 tsp., lavender essential oil 5 drops, warm water 2 cups

Moisturising oil bath: olive oil 1 tbsp., sesame seed oil 1/2 tbsp., spirulina powder 1-2 tsp., geranium essential oil 5 drops Reviving salt bath: epsom salts 1/2 cup, sea salt 1/4 cup, spirulina Powder 1-2 tsp., pine essential oil 5 drops

Refreshing vinegar bath: apple cider vinegar 1 cup or Kombucha vinegar, soirulina Powder 1-2 tsp., lemon essential oil 5 drops

For the above bath treats, place all ingredients into a blender, whisk until blended. Fill the bath before adding mixture. Swish to combine, then luxuriate for at least 15 minutes while your body is being nourished.

Aromatic Herbal Bath

Lavender dried herbs 1 tbsp., rose petalsl tbsp., geranium 1 tbsp., boiling water 1 litre, spirulina powder 1-2 tsps. Pour boiling water on to dried herbs, covered and allow to steep for 3 hours. Strain and cool then add spirulina and blend before adding to the bath water. N.B. Increase spirulina powder in any of the above bath recipes to your own bodies desire.


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