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Men have sought the fountain of youth since the dawn of history. The medicine man of the Stone Age, in addition to being a specialist in driving the evil spirits away, also tried to restore virility to aging men. Records from early medical history show a variety of herbs used to retard aging processes and revitalize aging bodies. In the Orient, magic rejuvenating properties were attributed to ginseng, the root with a resemblance to the human figure. The Papyrus of Eber, the oldest medical document known, describes the use of animal organs for virility and long life. The Hindu doctor Susrata, 1400 B.C., prescribed tiger’s sex glands for men suffering from loss of potency. Chinese doctors of the third century used placental tissue as a rejuvenating tonic.

Interest in methods of preventing premature aging and staying younger longer has never been as keen as it is at the present time. The second half of the twentieth century will be known in history as the era of the worship of youth. Modern men and women go to great lengths in their efforts to prevent premature aging and not only to feel but also to look younger. Also, modern science is engaged in a search for ways of prolonging man’s life and preventing the diseases and symptoms of aging. A special branch of medical science, gerontology, is busy working to solve the secrets of aging and find ways of prolonging life. Many startling discoveries have already been made in various parts of the world. Let me share with you some of the newest European facts and discoveries in the art of staying young.


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