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You can help your child to have healthy teeth by ensuring the following:

• Check to see if the water in your area is fluoridated. If not, add fluoride supplements to the baby’s diet. Your dentist can recommend the correct dose and form.

• Do not let your baby or young child go to bed with a bottle in his mouth. This practice will cause dental caries, especially in the front top teeth. Use the bottle for feeding not pacifying.

• Do not put jam, honey or glycerine on your baby’ s dummy.

• Try to avoid giving your child sweet drinks or lollies. If your child does have lollies, keep them to a minimum. Don’t get into the habit of using them as rewards. Encourage your child to brush his teeth afterwards. Fruit juice or plain water is preferable to carbonated sweet drinks or cordials.

• Once your child is old enough to rinse and spit out, encourage him to brush his teeth regularly using fluoridated toothpaste on a child-size toothbrush. Parents can brush the teeth of younger children.

• Have your dentist check your child’s teeth from toddler age onwards, or earlier if you have any concerns.

A note on fluoride

Some people are concerned about fluoride being added to the water supply. These arguments are sometimes about ‘freedom of choice’, or about chemicals being added to the water. You should rest assured that the levels of fluoride added do not harm your child in any way — there is absolutely no risk of fluoride poisoning. In fact, water already contains many chemicals — from those occurring ‘naturally’ to those added to purify the water and kill any bugs which may be harmful to your health.


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