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Lack of Enzymes
When food enters the stomach it needs enzymes to help to break it down. If there is a deficiency of these substances then the small intestine has to cope with food which has not passed through the initial stages of digestion. The result is discomfort from wind and bloating. Taking supplements of digestive enzymes or eating a small amount of well-chewed raw vegetables before a cooked meal can help this problem – (see Raw Energy – in the Further Reading list). The pineapple is a good source of digestive enzymes. A piece of well-chewed pineapple or a glass of juice 10 minutes before eating can be helpful. Enzymes from the pineapple are also available in capsule form from nutritional suppliers.
Too Much Hydrochloric Acid
‘Heartburn’ or ‘acid stomach’ is an indication that you are producing too much hydrochloric acid because of the nervous state you are in. If you experience burning discomfort which is relieved by eating or if you regurgitate acid you could well be producing too much acid. Relieving these symptoms with antacids is fine as a first-aid measure but only in the short term.
If you are tense, the acid/alkaline balance in your stomach can be disturbed. You can make this worse by skipping or rushing meals, or by not eating enough alkaline-forming foods.
Water is a good and simple antacid. Drink plenty between meals.
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