Posted on May 14th, 2011, by admin
HEATHER REMEDY: Self-centred. Always concerned with his own problems. Always talking of his own ailments. Has no time to listen to others. Makes a nuisance of himself, forcing others to listen to his constant prattle. Is shunned by friends. Becomes desperate when left alone without any listener.
HOLLY REMEDY: Hatred, jealousy, envy distrust, the very antithesis of love. Hatred and distrust cause the greatest distress and unhappiness in man’s life. Not only man, but even a child becomes jealous of his younger brother or sister when he has to share his parent’s love with him—the love which was exclusively showered on him previously. Even a pet dog in the family shows resentment when a new baby arrives in the family.
It has such a wide range in affecting the moods of the man that Dr. Bach suggested to givev Holly’ to an active person, if the case does not respond to other treatment or the case calls for many remedies at the same time. ‘HOLLY would assist you to find the other remedies suitable at that time.
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