Posted on June 18th, 2011, by admin
The clock is ticking, but don’t despair; there’s plenty that you can do in just seven days to make your skin the very best in can be. The magic word here is ‘exfoliation’ and granular scrubs, pore cleansing clay masks and glycolic and salicylic acid do the job like no other. An effective regime can consist of a mask every few nights, followed by either a salicylic acid product to clean the pores and glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells. Remember to top it off with an appropriate hydrating product afterwards.
The previous
salicylic/glycolic/mask/scrub combination offers you a great headstart and you can now supplement it with a retinol product. Experiment with different versions until you find one that your skin can tolerate. I guarantee that it will be worth the effort, since nothing improves the condition of your pores and gives skin such a beautiful clarity like this vitamin A derivative. Finally, prevent a barely visible spot from becoming a darker one by adding a bleaching ingredient.
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